Contact Encore Inc. for construction consulting services for an individual loss or a catastrophic disaster. Encore's consulting services are available to insurance companies and/or corporations at your time of need.

Let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you eliminating discrepancies, over billings, change orders, redundancies, and time delays.


Encore's consulting services include, but are not limited to:

• Site Assessment
• Cost Analysis/Comparison
• Itemized and Computerized Estimates
• Negotiation and Correspondence
• Efficiency/Critical Paths
• Expert Opinion/Witness
• Project Management
• Clerk of the Works
• Accounting

Contingency Planning

Reacting to a disaster after it has occurred is difficult and increases the duration of business interruption and the cost associated with it. Advanced planning, is essential to minimize the effects of a disaster. Contact Encore to meet with one of our consultants to assist you in creating an emergency plan that best suits your business and to fill out an Emergency Response Agreement. Our consultants will assist you in:

• Impact Analysis - We examine departmental inter-dependencies through a Business Impact Analysis to determine how a disaster will impact your day-to-day operations.

• Risk Analysis - We account for critical assets, equipment, and inventories, then identify failure points which can interrupt business.

• Mock Disasters - We suggest to practice your new emergency plan by hosting mock disasters with personnel that are to be responsible for key tasks.

• Periodic Review - Encore will assist you biannually in reviewing and updating your Emergency Response Agreement.